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McKEN Technologies   
is an established generalist recruitment firm that has been serving prominent clients with permanent staffing, temporary, contract and interim work. We have quickly built an enviable reputation as a brand synonymous with passion, professionalism, partnership and integrity. Combining the industry's highest achievers with state-of-the-art technology and the absolute belief in the quality of service they provide, we have made a substantial impact on the recruitment marketplace. We offer recruitment services on a national basis to both large and mid-sized companies. We help our clients achieve their business objectives by providing with the best of services for Recruitment and Human Resource Management. Our aim is to add value to all the stages of the Recruitment Process, Reduce Recruitment Costs, and Improve bottom lines and assist job seekers in their career searches, in addition provide a choice of career solutions to aspiring professionals. Regular CV updates to keep our databank current and relevant.

                         Recruitment Process                                                                             Selections                                                                                         Outsourcing     

 A recruitment process within the Human Resources function  

Picking up more competent and suitable employees.  

 Setting the Right Expectations with Recruitment Clients  

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